Daniela Terrile



Europass Curriculum Vitae

Personal information
Terrile Daniela
Address(es) Rue Belliard 197, 10 – 1040 Brussels
Mobile: 0472 907679
Fax(es) 32-2-2999304
E-mail Daniela.Terrile@ec.europa.eu

Nationality Italian
Date of birth August 3rd 1963

Work experience

Dates March 2007 - now
Occupation or position held
Policy Officer

Name and address of employer
European Commission
DG AGRI /K3 Rue de la Loi, 130- office 3-216a - Brussels

Type of business or sector
Agriculture and Rural Development
To coordinate relations between the Commission and the socio-economic organizations relating to matters covered by the common agricultural policy and by the policy of rural development. To contribute to the task of the sector responsible for the development of relation with NGO's and to prepare and organize Advisory Groups.

Dates Sep 2002 – March 2007

Occupation or position held
Finance and Contracts Assistant - Verification

Main activities and responsibilities
· Provide first line assistance/advice to Directorate D units on financial matters related to FP5 and FP6 payments
· Perform the necessary quality checks on legal and financial matters before Director’s signature and validation of commitments in Sincom / ABAC
· Contribute to the development of guidelines regarding FP6 interim and final payments. Audit implementation. New FP7 preparation working groups.
· Perform the necessary quality checks before Director’s signature of contracts
· Validate payments in Sincom / ABAC as Financial Verifying Agent (FVA) and signature of "passed for payment"
· Creation and validation of COS and Recovery orders in SINCOM and ABAC; follow up

Name and address of employer
European Commission DG INFSO – D5/Brussels

Type of business or sector

Dates Sep 2000 – Sep 2002

Occupation or position held
Financial official
Main activities and responsibilities
· Assist the Project Officers in the processing of cost statements relating to research and non - research projects.
· Preparation of commitment files (contracts, amendments, purchase orders, commitments) and of payment files. Follow-up and feedback · Financial and administrative assistance to the PO to prepare amendment files and to check legal and administrative papers
· Preparation and follow-up of TCL· Use of the applications relating to the above-mentioned tasks: SINCOM2, CETO, C13, EVOP, TCL

Name and address of employer
European Commission DG INFSO – D1/Luxembourg

Type of business or sector

Education and training

University Degree in Literature and Philosophy

Dates 2006

Title of qualification awarded
University Diploma

Principal subjects/occupational skills covered
Doctor in Literature, arts, history, philosophy

Name and type of organization providing education and training
Università di Lettere e Filosofia di Genova – Italy

Level in national or international classification
University level

Personal skills and competences

Mother tongue(s)

Other language(s) English, French, Spanish, German, Persian (beginner)
Self-assessment Understanding Speaking Writing
European level (*) Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production
English Very good Very good Very good Very good Good
French Very good Very good Very good Very good Good
Spanish Very good Very good Very good Very good Good
German Good Good Good Good normal
Farsi (Iran Beginner Beginner Beginner Beginner Beginner
(*) Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Social skills and competences
· Theatre, books and horse riding
· Participation in foreign language courses: Boston, London, Cambridge, Paris, Toulon, Prien, Vught, (the Netherlands) Weimar, Berlin, Luxembourg, BrusselsTravels in CINA, TIBET, NEPAL, KENYA, USA, IRAN, Europe.

Organizational skills and competences
Good in organizing events, public relations attitude

Technical skills and competences
Ability to work in a proactive and autonomous way, Intellectual / Problem solving and judgment skills

Computer skills and competences

Artistic skills and competences
I followed training in contemporary arts – ISELP. I am interested in Architectural design and history

Other skills and competences I have created a Book Club in Brussels. I organize lectures, book presentation, debates, round tables.

Driving license

Additional information

MASTER (Diplôme d'études spécialisées en analyse interdisciplinaire de la construction européenne) St. Louis University and ULB – Brussels.I am an active member of EuReforme a bottom-up network to improve management in the Commission http://go.to/eureforme
MASTER at IERI (Institut européen des relations internationales) at the European Parliament. June 2007.